Wednesday, July 16, 2014


July 15, 2014
Hello Mr. Fitzhugh,

I wanted to let you know that received the letter about the Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize, and I am very honored that I was chosen for this award. I know how difficult it is even to be published in The Concord Review, so this was some very wonderful news!

I also read about The Concord Review's funding problems in the letter you sent. It made me very sad to hear that an organization such as The Concord Review is suffering financially. My experience with The Concord Review has tremendously improved not only my writing skills but my ability to think critically and see "the big picture." I don't think I could have developed these skills simply by writing relatively short papers for high school classes, and it makes me very concerned that other students may not have this opportunity.

As you know, most universities have seen a drop in the number of humanities majors as a result of the nationwide push to focus on STEM fields (I will be attending Stanford University in the fall, and there are actually a couple of great articles "defending" the humanities in the Stanford Daily. If you are interested I can forward them to you. Two of this year's Rhodes Scholars-elect from Stanford wrote great pieces). I feel very strongly about the need for a broad liberal arts education, even in a world dominated by technology, and if there is anything I can do to help secure the future of The Concord Review, please let me know. I know you are working to raise awareness/funds. I would love to be involved in any way that would help.


Riya Mehta
The Pembroke Hill School, 

Kansas City, Missouri (Class of 2014)
[Published in The Concord Review 
Summer 2014 Issue (#101)
Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize 2014
Stanford Class of 2018]