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"Academic Writing for HS Students"

May 18, 2017 by Will Fitzhugh EducationViews Contributor

High School students wishing to submit their History research papers for consideration by The Concord Review should follow a few simple rules:

Pick a Historical topic you can stay with and read a lot about it.

Find lots of good History sources in books and articles and take notes from them.

Make a good outline of your paper before you write it.

Write your paper as if for someone who is also a strong History buff.

Read your first draft aloud to a teacher, a parent, a friend, or any intelligent reader.

Take advantage of their comments in your final draft.

Realize that the average paper published in The Concord Review is now 8,400 words, (about 32 pages) with endnotes and bibliography.

Remember that you are in competition with your peers from 44 states and 40 other countries for a place in that quarterly journal, which accepts about 7% of the papers submitted.

Read some of the papers published in The Concord Review (see the bookstore at tcr.org) to get an idea of the quality of the papers published there.

About 40% of the High School students published in The Concord Review go to Ivy League colleges or Stanford.

If you have done the research and worked hard on your writing to let people know all that you have learned about your Historical topic, be willing to take your chances and submit your paper to The Concord Review at submit@tcr.org.

The Concord Review needs all the great History research papers it can get, which it can use to inspire other secondary students to read more History and to work on serious History research papers of their own, to help them get ready for college.

Questions and Comments Welcomed: Will Fitzhugh, TCR Founder, at fitzhugh@tcr.org