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13 January 2013

Carol Jago, Past President of the National Council of Teachers of English, and Will Fitzhugh, Editor of The Concord Review,

are pleased to announce their:

SIX/FORTY-ONE/SIX Weekly Reading Plan for Students

The Kaiser Foundation finds that Americans aged 8-18 spend 53 hours a week (A WEEK) with electronic entertainment media.

Jago and Fitzhugh propose a new initiative which will ask students to spend SIX HOURS a week reading a novel, SIX HOURS a week reading a history book, and that will still leave them FORTY-ONE HOURS a week, or almost six hours each day, for their various electronic entertainment media...

It could be called the 41/6/6 Plan or the 6/6/41 Plan if either would appeal more to the media when covering this transformative and bold and new and exciting and innovative initiative.

Tweets and other comments on this wonderful and useful new initiative are welcomed.

Will Fitzhugh

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