Wednesday, August 28, 2013


[This course was cancelled by CTY in August 2013....]

The Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University plans to offer a three-week residential course in academic expository writing for high school students in the Summer of 2014. The instructor will be Will Fitzhugh, founder and editor of The Concord Review

Mr. Fitzhugh has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard and has been reading history for more than thirty years. In addition, he has read thousands of history research papers by high school students while choosing the 1,077 he has published in 98 issues of his unique quarterly journal, The Concord Review. So far, more than thirty percent of authors published in the journal have gone to Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and Yale.

Papers written during the prospective course may be on any historical topic, including the history of science, medicine, technology, business, warfare, economics, engineering, politics, discovery, and any other topic of interest to the high school authors who take the course. Interested students should send inquiries to Eileen Hansen, Executive Director, Center for Talented Youth

A decision whether to offer this course will be made in September 2013, so be sure to express your interest next month.

Will Fitzhugh
The Concord Review

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