Friday, July 20, 2018

TCR Summer Program in MA

The just-concluded TCR Summer Program in Boston in July worked with serious secondary students of history from Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Texas and Virginia in the U.S., and from China, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Students studied a wide variety of historical topics of their own choosing, including China
s One Child Policy, Charlemagne’s educational reforms, the rivalry between Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla, art policy in Nazi Germany, the German revolutions of 1848, Native American industrial schools, and Sino-American diplomacy during the 1970s, among others.

Some of the highlights of the program, in the words of students, were:
individual meetings with instructors, the personal, one-on-one help, reading historical essays/texts written by other people, discussion about what history is, the unstructured work time we had, and the set-up of the day where we had a short lesson in the morning and then independent research in the afternoon. “I liked the individual meetings with the instructors because getting personal feedback really helped!” The chance to have individual meetings with the instructors was really useful.”

Information at

The Concord Review
TCR Summer Program
July 1-July 20, 2018

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