Tuesday, August 27, 2019


Metta Collective Post

Here's a testimonial from a published author 
and prize winner.

Dear Mr. Fitzhugh,

I want to sincerely thank you for choosing my paper as one of the winners of the $1,000 Ralph Waldo Emerson Prize. But my gratitude goes far beyond receiving the opportunity to be published and earning the prize itself. The process of months of research, hitting closed doors, and writing and re-editing a lengthy research paper has grown me intellectually. If I had remained confined to my high school history curriculum, I would never have experienced this growth—I owe this to the existence of The Concord Review. This journal is an invaluable resource for students to gain the opportunity to expand their academic hemisphere, think critically, and search for answers to the unknown in history. I hope to spread the word of this fantastic journal to others in my high school, so that they may learn of this opportunity. As I move forward in my undergraduate studies, I feel infinitely more prepared for the rigors of academic writing and research—I dedicate this preparation to The Concord Review

Thank you once again, 
@Gopi Patel
@Johns Hopkins Class of 2023
@Pine View School Class of 2019 
[Paper on the Soviet Afghan War]

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