Sunday, July 18, 2010


17 July 2010

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Global Province Smith

113. Best Kids' Expository Writing

The Concord Review is shockingly good, and we are annoyed that we did not see it sooner. It is "A Quarterly Review of Essays by Students of History," a selection of papers from high school students all over the country [and 38 other countries] who, in general, write and research better than their college cousins. You can find a short history of IBM, a piece on Williston Academy and World War I, two treatments of Marbury vs. Madison, a memory of Julia Morgan (the architect of Hearst Castle and friend of the great California architect Bernard Maybeck), and just about everything else you can imagine. This is the child and worthy compulsion of Will Fitzhugh of Sudbury, Massachusetts. A one-time teacher who has spent 23 years building the Journal, he has earned the praise of everyone, even though, financially, his enterprise has been a hand-to-mouth affair. So subscribe and get your friends to endow it. On the Internet, you will find some sample essays at Send praise and dollars to Mr. Fitzhugh at

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