Monday, July 5, 2010


William Fitzhugh
Editor and Publisher
The Concord Review

Dear Mr. Fitzhugh,

I am writing to thank you for publishing my International Baccalaureate essay (“An Assessment of the Handling of Operation Jubilee”) in this summer’s issue of The Concord Review. I was very excited when I first heard that this essay was being considered for publication, and I can happily say that all my expectations have been met and surpassed. I am very pleased with the final result, and am very proud to be in the company of the other fine authors (and historians!) published by the Review.

Although I am now studying mathematics at the University of Alberta, I am still grateful for my experiences with The Concord Review, and with the study of history in general. The opportunity you offer young historians is essential because it provides a goal for them to strive for; moreover, achieving this goal gives them greater confidence in their ability to contribute something to our understanding of the past (and perhaps of our future). Further, I think it is important that people such as yourself continue to support the study of history, which is sometimes looked down upon as not being very “useful.” I firmly believe that an understanding of the past, by providing a framework into which knowledge may be placed, enhances the study of any subject—no matter how far removed it may seem to be from history.

Finally, I would be remiss if I did not thank you, on behalf of all students who have been called upon to attempt the seemingly insurmountable task of writing an in-depth history paper, for providing us with plentiful examples of good writing and good history. Your publication has helped us to see a way through the jungle.

Again, many thanks. I wish you all the best!

Jesse Esch
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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